News about various types of sofa’s available

Stua Libera Armchair In Black And White Giulia 102
Stua Costura Sofa With Corner In Giulia 201 and Solapa Coffee Table
Stua Libera Armchair In Left Mambo 260 Right Gioia 112 Fabric
Stua Costura Armchair In Mambo 260 Fabric

Black & White is the new Black

Black and White is the new Black

Stua's Textile Collection presents four gorgeous selections that mix black with white. Black and white are a timeless combination, never to go out of style. These fabrics go perfectly with the Stua Costura sofa or the Stua Libera armchair.

All of these fabrics are produced in textile mills situated around Lake Como of Italy.

  • Gioia 112
  • Giulia 102
  • Guila 201
  • Mamba 260

Take a look and I think you will agree.

Black And White Gioia 112 Giulia 102 Giula 201 Mamba 260
Black And White Gioia 112 Giulia 102 Giula 201 Mamba 260 Samples
Joquer Pulse Sofa Mario Ruiz
Joquer Pulse Sofa Mario Ruiz

Pulse Sofa by Joquer

Joquer Pulse Sofa designed by Mario Ruiz

Joquer Tapicerías, S.A. Proudly announced their stunning new Sofa the Pulse designed by Mario Ruiz at the Feria Hábitat Valencia. The clarity of its design and the balance of its proportions give Pulse Sofa a distinct character that celebrates both comfort and a quiet sophistication. It invites you to play with composition and function: available in two depths and various dimensions, Pulse also offers the possibility of organically integrating functional elements like wooden modules to serve as arms or storage. A flexible sofa that brings warmth and comfort to spaces of various sizes.